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Dark Fiber Service

  • Syndeo Networks provides Dark fiber services when your business and the applications you run demand immense bandwidth, maximum control, and robust network security. Syndeo provides a variety of connectivity options from individual strands of fiber to complex high count cable designs, customized for your business. Dark fiber provides an infrastructural resource that can be utilized for added capacity, flexibility, security, and dependability

  • Benefits:

    Syndeo's unique fiber assets, routes and secure rights-of-way provide the network infrastructure that your business needs, where you need it, to support mission-critical applications.

    • Allows customers with in-house optical expertise to manage their own network
    • Enables customers to select the equipment best suited to support their applications
    • Flexibility to support a large number of configurations, services, and applications
    • Delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost with the potential of capitalizing your network as an asset
    • Dark Fiber networks are under your control, completely secure, and are tailored to your connectivity requirements
    • Syndeo's dark fiber network leverages unique rights-of-way providing added resilience to your infrastructure
    • Network Management services provide a single point of contact for complete service management
    • Ability to leverage Syndeo's networking expertise and benefit from its award winning customer service
    • Strong ROI for companies that use substantial bandwidth and utilize numerous services
    • Utilizes dedicated strands of fiber to provide unparalleled security
    • You provide and maintain your own equipment, allowing for network scalability and flexibility
    • Ability to replace equipment as technology advances, so your network is never outdated


    • Nearly unlimited Bandwidth for your organization
      • You can be confident that your organization will have the bandwidth to function at an optimized level and provide all the services you expect and need
    • Control and Project Costs
      • You will be in charge of being able to control your budgets and project costs with dark fiber. Syndeo will provide guidance to allow you to run your organizations networking needs to be the best level possible.
    • Design your own network
      • With Syndeo's dark fiber you will have control to create, plan and architect your own network to support your applications and any applications needed in the future. You will be in control of your own design.

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