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Proactive Maintenance

  • Syndeo's robust network monitoring package, with years of customized scripting allows us to not only be alerted when issues arise, but takes preventative measures to ensure uptime and correct an increasingly substantial list of issues, from trivial to important, instantly and autonomously, while notifying staff and ensuring an engineer's watchful eye over the process.

    Unexpected computer and server failures are costly. We prevent many network failures from ever happening with our proactive services solution and keep your critical IT systems working properly so your office can stay productive.

  • Benefits:

    • Improved productivity
    • Improved reliability
    • Save valuable time and Money


    • Backup startup and runtime configurations and automatically backup network device configurations.
    • Visualize and compare configurations to identify changes and restore to previous configurations when needed.
    • Visualize and compare configurations.
    • Update desktop applications.
    • Define scheduled and event-driven automation scripts, policies and schedules to execute.

Managed IT Service

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