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  • SIP powered IP telephony has taken the world's businesses by storm as it paves the way toward the new reality of Unified Communications. Have you joined the crowd? If you have been contemplating moving towards IP-based telephony supported by such services as SIP trunking, perhaps now is the ideal time to make the leap.
  • How It Works:

    • Trunks
      • Only purchase the trunks you need, which is determined by the maximum number of concurrent calls your business requires.
    • Internet Connection
      • With Syndeo SIP Trunking, customers can keep their own internet connection, or use a Syndeo- Fiber Optics Service provided solution. By selecting Syndeo Fiber Service, customer benefit from voice-optimized network, ensuring reliable connectivity and security, while providing consistently clear HD voice quality.
    • Voice Gateway
      • Syndeo supplies a Router with its SIP Trunking services to Support Quality of Service, Security and monitoring to ensure the optimal voice quality.
    • Customer Network
      • Syndeo Trunking works with your existing phone equipment and IP data network. There is no need to replace phones or equipment.
    • Value-Added Features
      • Featuers – such as Auto Attendant and Audio conferencing – are available as optional add-ons to your service for centralized call routing, disaster recovery, and multi-site integration.
    • Faxing
      • Syndeo's provides Faxing solutions that works with all analog fax machines.

    Add-on Features for SIP Trunking:

    The following features can be added to your Syndeo's SIP Trunking service for enhanced Functionality:
    Local Call
    Toll-free Numbers
    International Call
    Enhanced Telephone Number
    Auto Attendant
    Account Codes
    CID (CNAM)
    Direct Inward Dial (DID)
    Directory Listings
    Local Number Portability (LNP)
    Voicemail Box
    Audio Conferencing

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