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Voice Service

  • Syndeo Networks provides Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) service as an excellent option for businesses who are looking at ways to reduce costs and increase productivity for their business. Feature rich technology, without the costs associated with high priced premise based systems, makes it easy for a business to get everything they want and more without the expense of replacing and maintaining a new in house system.

    With all the enhancements in VoIP technology and improvements and cost reduction in high quality, high speed internet access, it is very cost effective for a business to afford this new service. While VoIP phone service may sound too good to be true, it really is an amazing option for phone service. VoIP can provide all the features of traditional telephone systems and more and is significantly cheaper for a business than traditional telephone systems and service.

  • Benefits:

    VoIP is easily integrated into your business by simply adding voice over your data network. Implementing VoIP can dramatically reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance employee collaboration.

    • Your business will save money by only having one network to manage instead of two. You'll be able to easily add, move, or change phone extensions and locations, without the need of a technician, which saves money and gives you more flexibility and control.
    • Your employees can use your communications system while at home or traveling on the road.
    • Unified communications solutions for small businesses go beyond basic VoIP capabilities in enhancing collaboration. With a Unified Communications solution, workers can easily collaborate through voice, video chat, Web conference, and instant messaging. Employees can collaborate using each technology individually or all of them simultaneously.

Voice Service

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